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Jenelle Goodrich, ThM. CBC. CFTP.

Jenelle Goodrich attended CCU, majoring in Theology and minoring in Philosophy and Counseling. She has spoken at numerous conferences regarding cults, the occult and other Apologetic and Theological topics,  including Human Trafficking and still continues to speak today.  Jenelle has completed her Counseling Course; graduating with Honors.  Jenelle has also completed her Certified Family Trauma Professional course, Mental Health First Aid, and Psychotherapy Training. Currently and for the past 9 years, Jenelle partners at a High School for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and a high-risk High School for both girls and boys.  Jenelle serves on the Colorado Human Trafficking Council and was appointed by the governor of Colorado. The purpose of the Council is to bring together leadership from community-based and statewide anti-trafficking efforts, to build and enhance collaboration among communities and counties within the state, to establish and improve comprehensive services for victims and survivors of human trafficking, to assist in the successful prosecution. Jenelle was awarded the FBI DCLA award in 2022 for her efforts and contributions to the FBI with her ongoing case management work pre and post indictment for Human Trafficking cases and wrap around approach of services on and off scene.  Jenelle  also partners with a community program of survivors coming out of their long-term, live-in therapy plan and entering the workforce again; Jenelle is there to make sure they are still getting weekly therapy and support that is trauma informed. Jenelle also partners with other local organizations such as but not limited to, local safe houses, CPS, local level/state and federal law enforcement including crimes against children within the human trafficking task force at the federal level, and especially Victim Advocacy Groups with the same mission to help those who fall victim to Sex Trafficking within the state of Colorado.  Jenelle sits on the Advisory Alliance Committee which partners with multiple organizations and having a magnitude of collaboration to help and band together to give the best assistance possible to any survivor she comes in contact with.  Jenelle also conducts trainings for those around the metro area regarding the face of Sex Trafficking within our state, focusing on the victimology of the issue. Jenelle is the Executive Director and Founder of the Non-Profit From Silenced To Saved.  Jenelle has been with her husband for 20 years and together they have three children. Jenelle’s past has brought her to a place today where her heart is set out to make sure victims are heard, served, and transfer themselves from victim status to SURVIVOR!

A Message From Our Founder To You

My goal in starting this non-profit was to be able to give services to those organizations who do not have the funds, or means to obtain counseling, or the contacts needed for the population we serve. I strive to be a worthy partner in our communal fight. I strive to be the person that victims and other like-minded organizations can reach out to in order to get the help they need. I strive to be an affordable choice for speaking for those who wish to obtain awareness on the epidemic of Sex Trafficking in the state of Colorado.  My passion is to come alongside those who have not had a voice and help them obtain one; whether it is to help them gain justice in forms of my contacts in law-enforcement who solely focus on this particular issue, regaining a new found confidence in themselves through things such as but not limited to new clothing,  job opportunities, contacts to obtain a high-school diploma, and basic life skills. Mostly, I hope to help bring them restoration and healing by being able to lay their burdens on me. I truly believe the Lord gave me broad shoulders in order to help carry the weights of their hurt, and has spent most of my life preparing me for this venture in His own way. I have seen girls thrive over the years with the smallest amounts of help and others who needed larger amounts; but every single one was worth my time and in need. For the sake of the injustice done to them I will not remain silent, and I will be a blazing torch in their life to help them obtain their max goal of healing until they are on their feet again and can walk with their heads held high as a survivor! 

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