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Serving Those Who Have Fallen Victim To Sexual Exploitation

~ Awareness Training ~ Mentorship ~ Trauma Informed  Service ~

~ Risk/Case Management ~ First Responding Advocates ~

Kristie ~ Secretary

Kristie grew up in Monroeville, Al. She holds a Bachelors of Social Work from Auburn University where she focused on domestic violence and rape crisis counseling. Kristie received her Bachelor’s of Nursing from the University of Colorado Heath Sciences Center in 2004 and has worked in critical care roles since. Kristie has extensive background in volunteering with sexually trafficked youth for the past 7+ years. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling and a good nap! FSTS is so lucky to to have Kristie move up to a board position as she has already been instrumental behind the scenes doing Volunteer work for FSTS. 

Casey ~ Board Member

Casey Goodrich is a professional commercial kitchen installer. He is the President of his own company that he started in 2011. Casey has been in the construction industry for 17 years. He has a passion for his family, cars, and for helping young survivors overcome sexual exploitation; especially in setting the example for how men should be treating women. Casey is involved in his local church, and his favorite thing to do with his family is go camping, four wheeling, skiing and watch both of his children play sports. Casey's company has been a longtime supporter of numerous organizations who stand up to combat the human trafficking epidemic we face in Colorado. He is also an advocate supporter of his wife's mission to assist them in trauma counseling. Casey brings an outside perspective in the sense of what he sees on a daily basis in the areas he works and hopes his votes, prayers and input will help make From Silenced To Saved a place where young victims can go to heal and get the help and guidance needed. 

Mandee ~ Board Member

Mandee is a Colorado native who has been involved in anti-sex trafficking work for more than a decade both locally and internationally. She has a Bachelor’s in Intercultural studies from Columbia Bible College and a Masters in Non-Profit Leadership from Trinity Western University. Mandee also was able to study non-profit governance, ethics, leadership, and operations. She is currently an English and History teacher at Hope Academy which is a High School with an undisclosed location for girls who have fallen victim to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking. She looks forward to putting the skills and knowledge she has gained through her research and education to serve From Silenced to Saved. In her spare time, she loves traveling, reading and spending time with her rescue dog, Poly Pocket.

Victim Impact Advisor

Survivor Voice 

I am a Colorado Native. I am the proud mother of 2 healthy children who are my world. I grew up in a “normal” middle class home, with both of my parents being prominent members in society. Despite my typical upbringing I was still gang trafficked at age 15 for 2 ½ years with my best friend. I was arrested when I was 17 and put on diversion; it literally saved my life. I was able to graduate high school and get placed in my first real job. When I completed my program, I went back for my best friend and we ran. However, because we had no real sense of how to survive or handle our trauma, we ended up in some bad situations. I got pregnant as a teenager and had my child. Sadly, right before my child’s first birthday I lost my best friend to suicide. I volunteered to take this position as victim impact advisor to speak for the victims who can’t speak for themselves. To be a voice to the needs of victims from when they first get out, focusing on direct help and needs in order for them to succeed so they don’t have the urge to go back. I have worked with survivors for 5 years. In this time, I have helped, I have also been triggered myself. I have come to realize that the best place for myself in order to stay in a personal healthy space for my family is to speak on the area of leaving the life and how to acclimate back into society for their potential of success. I take this as my own personal journey in continued mental healing and giving back in a way I wish someone had given back to me. I look forward to helping young women go From Silenced To Saved.

Advisory Board Member

Troy ~ Treasurer

As Managing Partner of Elite Tax & Accounting, LLC, Troy Vigil leads and oversees all operations of the firm. Prior to his current role, Troy served as founder and president of Troy K. Vigil, CPAs, an accounting firm operating in Denver and California.

Troy’s experience in taxes and accounting began after graduating from Colorado State University Pueblo with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, when he started his career at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a Revenue Agent. His time at the IRS was spent auditing small business owners, self-employed taxpayers, and individual wage earners. After his career working inside the IRS, Troy transitioned to representing taxpayers rather than the IRS. He became a Certified Public Accountant in January 2008 and has been preparing tax returns and representing taxpayers since.


Deacon Edward J. DeMattee was ordained a Permanent Deacon by Bishop Michael J. Sheridan on May 25, 2006 to serve in the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs and at present is assigned to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Castle Rock, CO.

Deacon Ed has over 20 years experience in working with nonprofit and government sector organizations assisting individuals and families in most need. This includes working in collaboration with the staff and volunteers from various local organizations throughout Colorado and various Catholic and other Christian faith based churches and groups supporting the most vulnerable individuals and families in our communities.

Deacon Ed and his wife Kathy are both Denver natives of Colorado and recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. His life experiences includes; over nine years in the United States Marine Corps, working in the aerospace defense industry and federal government sectors, a high-tech small business owner, consultant to various organizations and agencies in the private and public sectors and currently a business consultant in the renewable energy sector. Deacon Ed enjoys spending all the time he can with his wife Kathy, their family and friends, anything involving the outdoors, most sports (especially football, rugby & golf), being around people; and especially serving as a Deacon in the Catholic Church in social ministry.

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