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What We Offer

*All referrals must come from a governmental agency*

Trauma Informed  Mentorship

We are very intent on taking a hands on approach. It has proven most effective for trauma victims.  Our team has years of experience and has learned how to reach victims on a personal level, not be offended by their behavior, and outbursts; to not give up and to always meet them exactly where they are in their healing process. The process contains of intake, a written plan, goals and of course working through certain trauma occurrences and learning healthy ways to handle and let go of these situations and bring them to a place of empowerment and a different perspective.  We take on the role of Counselor and Mentor in a blended manor making it known we are in this with them for the long haul. We engage in outings with them such as but not limited to: Meals, zoo, attending court hearings,  or taking them to scheduled appointments. We are able to be a voice in their life that offers solid advice while refraining from any judgement and offering personal support along the way. We also work with other counseling agencies to do more in depth clinical counseling when needed. 

Referral & Case Management 

We can help with referrals to safe homes, law enforcement task forces who deal solely with Sex related crimes, specialty High Schools for Exploited and at-risk children, Victim Advocate groups, Pro-Bono legal services, medical services, in depth Mentor programs,  In home services for immediate assistance on basic needs,  Emergency Assessment Agencies,  and many other helpful organizations who want to help a victim become a survivor! We also have an individual safe housing program and rental assistance for those who qualify. We will help case manage and walk alongside a victim as they navigate services such as:  medical, mental health, court appointed case workers, GAL's, Law Enforcement, and other pertinent people in order to bring justice and help them become a survivor. 

Public Speaking & Trainings

If you, your friends, your organization, school or company is interested in becoming informed regarding the face of domestic trafficking in your area we offer awareness trainings. We can do them from a community, mental health and victimology perspective; we collaborate with local law enforcement so they can do a training with us in order to hear the law enforcement side of things as well. Please reach out to us on our contact page if this is something you are interested in. 

Service Prices

We Want to be able to serve and help anyone no matter where their financial status is. We work on a faith based system, by that we mean we believe no matter the amount in your bank account does not hinder us from being there for you in your time of need. Please contact us directly under our Contact page to reach out and speak with our Executive Director regarding your particular situation. 

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