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"I can't believe you actually stuck with me. I don't think anyone has ever loved and checked on me quite like you have. Thank you for always being there even if it was to put me in check. I love you." ~ Survivor


"Jenelle, Thank you. I have told you that countless times, but no matter how many times I repeat that phrase, it won’t feel like enough. It won’t be enough. It won’t be enough because it may sound like an exaggeration to some, but you’ll know it’s true you saved my life. When we met I was young, and quiet, and secretly rebelled against even a tiny hint of a suggestion of how to handle things. I challenged you every chance I got. You didn’t give up. You listened when I could barely speak because tears were running too fast down my face and panic had taken my breath away. You listened when I was sad, and angry, and confused. You listened while I cried desperate for relief, from physical pain to emotional pain and trauma. Time and time again you always listened to whatever it was I had to say. You sat with me as I outlined the traumatic events of my past that I had never managed to speak aloud. You sat and waded through the messes in my mind from years of denial, lies, and hurt. You listened and stayed strong because you knew in those moments it took every ounce of strength I had to go back and recount the memories. Instead of avoiding the hard topics, you embraced them. You helped me face fear after fear. Tackling a daunting list of intangibles day after day. The list has evolved, changed, and grown, but you’ve stayed committed to the course with me. Tackling anxiety and learning when to just “rip off the Band Aid” and do it. Thank you."



Jenelle certainly has had her fair share of difficulty but continues to grow in her maturity and exercise sensible (by that I mean Biblical) submission to authority. Of course authority comes from several sources; our government; church leaders her husband and others. She loves the Lord and is willing to submit to the authority of the Scripture and those who God places in positions of authority. She is very much independent and self-directed but has enjoyed great growth and maturity with loving, capable, and biblical supervision. Jenelle has been both faithful and diligent in a number of successful projects here at our church. She has demonstrated the ability to work with leaders church members. She is a successful graduate and leader in the Women’s Ministry. She has been tasked with several event projects and discipleship activities here at our church. She always approaches these tasks with great care and an enormous sense of responsibility. Jenelle approaches problems and their solutions with a commitment to Biblical authority, coupled with a sincere respect for those she is dealing with and a remarkable humility. Jenelle manages to balance the demands of being a wife and mother and loving servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. She has a low threshold for incompetence and high threshold for excellence. Jenelle is very transparent. She continues to grow in patience and kindness and respect. She is well suited for high-risk ministry. She is honest and consistent and compassionate—but careful. Jenelle is smart, motivated, thorough. She is confident—and sometimes that confidence might be misinterpreted as brash or bossy. But I have spent much time with her—and she loves and cares deeply for hurting people and consistently points them to the Bible’s answer and Jesus’ love. She is a true gem. She will always offer excellence. She will do nothing to bring embarrassment or shame or dishonor either to the Lord or organizations she partners with.  She is passionate and persuasive. But she also has an amazing testimony of God’s love and grace in her own life.



I have known and worked with Jenelle Goodrich for multiple years. Jenelle has been a passionate advocate for victims of trafficking in every case I have worked with her. She has consistently taken time to provide for the needs of these victims and has given of herself in a variety of situations. On one specific case, Jenelle was able to help a victim overcome her tremendous fear of speaking out and seeking justice due to the conditioning she had endured from her trafficker. By being a safe person to talk to and by being a support to this female she was able to tell her story and allow investigators to seek justice on her behalf. Jenelle would be an excellent candidate for partnership due to her vast knowledge and experience counseling victims of Human Trafficking. Her ability to see the big picture and to provide focus to the task at hand is also a tremendous skill Jenelle has. As far as her ability to manage large scale projects, Jenelle has been able to manage a caseload of clients as well as plan and execute a large-scale event simultaneously. Her ability to multi-task and follow through on assigned tasks as well as think outside of the box for tasks that would be beneficial is second to none. Jenelle is also a great team player and will be very dedicated to working with others as well as independently.

I recommend Jenelle Goodrich as a candidate for partnership and feel she meets the qualifications on a variety of levels. She would be a tremendous asset to your team and will bring a positive energy to all she is involved in.



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